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12.24.2011 , 05:18 AM | #6
I enjoy PVP, mainly because I consider my BH to be massively massively OP and the opponents I play against to be stupid. I'd love them to rebalance it all, but last night for example I won about 9 out of 10 matches and lost the other because both teams finished Voidster but they did it 4 seconds quicker. Huttball is just a free for all, but take for example the Voidster, as a BH attacking I just need to hover on the edges, take down targets with Tracer Missile which is way OP, as soon as the bomb is planted, hit Sweeping Blasters AOE on the door so anyone trying to defuse it is interrupted, it has a super fast cooldown so can hit it again, and again. Then the door blows up.

Defending the same thing, as soon as anyone tries to set it, AOE.

It's embarrassing how effective it is. It's made worse by the opposition doing nothing to stop you, it seems like everybody seems to ignore the agents/bounty hunters and has a major hard on for the jedis, if it has a lightsaber it gets swarmed, I hit death from above on the 4 people stood in a circle and get a ton of damage. Nobody seems to work in a team or come after the fringe players who seem to be left to do whatever they please. Finishing every match 44K/3D.

If teams worked together, PVP would be a much better experience for both sides, but some of the BH abilities are way overpowered.