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I've used the chat box that is provided and honestly it needs alot of work. Trying to communicate using that box is cluncky verse using voice communication which is alot more of a advantage. When you get whispered you can not reply as easily as in ground combat or normal content like you can in space. However just like ground combat you can bet I am calling incoming if I see it (map), but atleast I can tell what kind of attack is incoming once I see the incoming attacker.

I personally solo que which means I get what I get and have to make due with it. You will say que with friends that play at the same time or with guildmates. Unfortunately my playtimes don't warrant me to make enough friends to que because I am mutli-tasking in game, and in life dutys. I refuse to leave my guild that I joined when I was forced to transfer to join a strictly starfighter guild when my bag of tricks include all of the games content, not just 1 small portion. Besides of the 100 active members in the guild, only 3 of us have played it and the rest could care less about it because they don't like pvp and or the controls to use it need alot of help.
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