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Also, not all Force-users are handed over to the Jedi or Sith.

Rakkataki, Echani, and a few other races all have 'traditional' force users, Rakkataki with their Witches, Echani with their warrior training. They don't get shipped to the Jedi or Sith, but instead are taught upon their own worlds their own traditions. This is where the Dark does not Equal Sith, Light does not equal Jedi thing shows up. Many force users simply aren't discovered as well - look at KOTOR 2, where a majority of your crew ends up being force capable, but having never been taught properly. These people might have found it themselves, and trained on their own to learn.

Plus, lightsabers aren't actually a jedi/sith only weapon - the only reason they mainly are is because it requires the force sensitive reflexes (due to seeing briefly into the future) to avoid hitting yourself, which is very dangerous when your weapon can cut through you in one motion. In the EU non-force users wield the weapons just fine if they've trained enough - it's just described as being very weird, because you feel as if the blade itself has no weightat all, so you can easily lose track of where it is.

This means any force sensitive could train themselves in lightsaber use - they would naturally have the foresight and ability to keep track of the blade like a non-sensitive couldn't.

TL;DR: Force wielders who are unaligned exist. Many might make their way as a mercenary, or join up with the Hutts or other gangs.