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12.30.2013 , 05:02 PM | #239
EnmaAii, you have done a magnificent job!! what a piece of work... not just to amass the list, but to have accomplished so much.... many hand-claps for you!!

Can I appeal to you for some information about your listings?
Question 1 - In the EPIC ENEMIES, you have lists for SM, HM and NiM... are those all codex listings, or also achievements too?

Question 2 - In the ACHIEVEMENT SPACE section, you have duplicates... for example "Regnant Stations Assault (Bonus)"... is listed 3 times. Can you explain?

Question 3 - in LOCATIONS, is it "The Apalis Coast" or just "Aplalis Coast"..??.. I have seen it listed both ways.

Question 4 - In LORE, you have "Evolved Rakghoul Plague", but I have seen it listed in other lists as "Evaluated Rakghoul Plague"... can you please confirm?

Again... a fantastic job. Thank you for the hard work... hope was fun to accomplish!!