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"Those of us" meaning your own personal group of friends who happen to be adults? Because you don't speak on behalf of the entire "adult" community
Of course I can't speak for the entire community ... no one can. But I can speak to the many I play with on Harbinger, Begeren & Jedi Covenant. Most of them won't come anywhere near these forums because of the dozen or so sorry individuals who spend double shifts gang banging the game and its community. GOD I wish Bioware would reset the servers monthly, because whatever they these people are paying for the privilege of spamming disingenuous vitriol is a drop in the bucket that would be not be missed.
If you once enjoyed the game but no longer do because of changes that were made, then you owe it to the game, yourself and others in your same situation to be not just heard but acknowledged and fully understood.

Galactic Command is like VX nerve gas. It never should have happened. #RemoveRNG