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I think there's a lot of good advice in the above comments, but I'm going to throw in my $0.02 from experience: tailor your raiding to what your group wants.

I guess you could say I'm nominally raid leader (or co-leader) of my (tiny) Guild's progression raid team. What our members wants spans the spectrum from "just along for the ride to have fun" to "dedicated". Attendance, gear rolls, etc. haven't been our problem because we're all friends and rather casual (despite the fact that we're working on HMs now), but personality clashes have. As someone said: the petty squabbles that break out. When tensions seem to be getting too high, we take breaks and do something fun some weeks (like raiding bases or doing naked HEROIC runs).

Because we're all friends and a dedicated group, our gear rules are pretty simple: first Need priority is for your current toon in its current role, second is Needing for offspec or an alt if no one else wants it, Greed on all mats and other gear. Sometimes, someone might get more than one set piece in a run, but since we run the same toons every week over multiple weeks, it evens out over time (and we joke that whoever is the best geared will have to carry the rest of the raid ). In general, myself and my co-tank tend to let the DPS and Healers get first crack at gear upgrades before us, for the sake of the team, since it has a bigger impact on their efficacy.

The one exception we've made to that rule was when we started working on HM S&V and got to Styrak. He's got such a tight Enrage timer and is a DPS check that the next couple weeks at it, we decided that only our DPS could Need on the set pieces to upgrade their stuff. And it helped, too--once all our DPS were in UW from the S&V drops and better, we cleared it.
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