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12.30.2013 , 02:58 AM | #1528
I'm also throwing in my major support for this idea. Frankly, I haven't really bothered to roleplay due to the serious inconvenience the lack of chat bubbles causes for any form of spontaneous roleplay, i.e. bars, events etc, and it (roleplay) was one of the main features I was looking for from this game. The bizarre thing is, I think most of us are already aware that EA have a ruthlessly capitalistic approach to making/ruining games, (one that will hopefully shoot them in the foot when they discover that all forms of art and creation that they enjoy have been heavily compromised/sold out due to their own perpetuation of this unethical attitude) so surely they can see that the lack of this primary roleplay feature renders pretty much all of their cosmetic goods on the cartel store entirely redundant. Why would I bother spending money on emotes, outfits, cosmetic gimmicks etc when I have no place to use them? Basically, without chat bubbles, my toon has no meaningful interaction with other players, so I don't much care what he/she looks like or can do. It's a basic feature that was long promised and yet in two years there's been no word on it. I too will take this as yet another example of the true nature of EA, and will not be renewing my subscription unless it is implemented or at least updated within my current sub, but I'm absolutely sure no one from the company will even read this or give two cents about my concerns, and therein lies the tragedy of EA.