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Duran'del here:

Not sure if this is a troll(Posts like these normally are), but if its not, I have to say I disagree with you. Ops groups are impossible for me to find, and Ops are near-impossible to beat because I get stuck with players who only play Tank-and-spank bosses.
You have a post here on the front page noting yourself that you lead raids but have gone into fights without making sure that the fights have been explained. Step up and help other players get better.

That said, I came in with a guildie to help another guild do their first EV HM, but despite explanations they couldn't even manage the puzzles. The mdps were tossing their sabers and then standing there on the adds, not clicking when their turn came up on the panels. They claimed their guild was experienced in raiding and was just new to EV, but the tactics were ugly in general and they neither used voice nor kept an eye on chat for relevant info.

Anyway, pug groups can be a mess, bug as long as there are a few experienced players it usually isn't too horrid. I don't see anything with actually learning the fights as you go IF everyone else is on board for that.