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This is only the case on the server you play on. I am originally from BC and I agree its near impossible to find a good PUG group, but on other servers this does not exist.
Well it all depends lol. After many raiders from the good old days left server, it got harder, but is still possible. I can't speak much to pub side, as I have spent the last two weeks since my return to game trying to form a raid team in the guild I help run. We don't quite have enough people yet, so have I've had to pug a few people every time. ( for clarification we only run story mode 55 ops ATM,) got 5 guildies together last week, and had to pug a tank, healer and dps for sm tfb.
Asked in chat for people who knew fights and/or had team speak. None of the three had experience or team speak. It took us a while cause I had to type explanations in chat, but we didn't wipe once on a full clear. There was only one 72 geared dps. Rest of us in guild were in 69s with me tanking on my new jugg in 61s. Pug tank was in 61s/66 and had never done an op b4, pug healer was in makeb mods and had done sm ev up to soa. Pug dps said he'd cleared all content but his actions and achievements said otherwise. Nonetheless after typing all explanations, we proceeded to one shot all bosses with no deaths except the aforementioned dps who refused to clear his doom stacks, stood in lightning, dced every 5 mins and so on lol. I couldn't believe we one shot it all with 3 first timers and a sadly under geared group. The pugs were fair on loot rolls and patient when I took 15 mins to type out the explanation for last boss. They even said they hoped they could come with our guild again.
Just goes to show you can get good pugs on BC. And if your ever on imp side and see Speresia looking for more for a guild run, durendal, feel free to come along and we will show you a great time.
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