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Hi All,

Please don't take this the wrong way and jump all over me for being super lazy or whatnot. I'm just here to seek honest opinions on this topic.

A couple weeks ago I bought the HK mission series, and started it. I have gathered all the pieces that don't require scanning, though I have tried scanning my rear end off.

My problem is that I'm trying to scan for these parts all alone. With even one other person, the scanning time would be halved, not to mention if there were whole groups scanning. However, I have rarely seen anyone asking for others to team up in scanning, and I received no takers when I offered to join with others in doing this. (I should mention this doesn't surprise me given how long the companion has been available)

My question is- do you find that it would be OK for the devs to make scanning for the parts a little easier now that most people that will be pursuing the quest will be doing so as a solo player? I have a very limited time at night and on the weekends that I can play, and spending several hours scanning one area is not the most ideal way to invest it for me right now. If the process was sped up a little, I would love to have my own HK companion however.

What are your thoughts on making the process a bit less "hit or miss" and more straightforward for those of us trying to do it now?

Thanks for your input- and any advice for speeding it up "as-is" would be appreciated!!