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Only intended on reading this thread but after thinking about what I would say I figured I would go ahead and toss around my thoughts on the matter.

1.) Don't pretend to know it all. You'll paint yourself into a corner and end up looking like a fool. You have 7 or 15 other members who are just as smart and capable as you are (hopefully), so take advantage of them! Ask them for thoughts, feedback, advice, etc. You may end up learning something knew, and making your fellow raid members feel important in the process.

2.) Lead by example. If you want something to be done, don't make laws and rules about it, just do it yourself and watch the change cascade around you. Want people to start passing on minor upgrades? Do it yourself first. Want people to come prepared with consumables and such? Make damn sure you are doing it first.

3.) Don't ever get comfortable, and be okay with the periods of chaos that can ensue in a group. This game is notoriously bad at holding players for long periods of time. You will have people not show up to raids, you will have people quit guild to join another guild, and you will have people quit the game entirely. You have to accept the fact that a raid group is a dynamic beast, and never get overwhelmed with the fact that a perfect group will eventually crumble. Whether you have the patience and determination to rebuild will determine how long your group will last.
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