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I do not see how my post made you jump to the conclusion that these two bosses cannot be beaten. I have DP/DF on farm since it came out and I do it weekly on 6 characters. This whole attitude where we generalize and assume that people are noobs has got to stop.
In your first post, you wrote that you required many tries on Tyrans, therefore I was assuming that you were not able to one-shot the bosses. My response was not meant to be an insult, I just wanted to help you how you can improve your tactic so that these issues don't occur again. If it came off as a L2P post to you, I apologize for that.

Quote: Originally Posted by MGNMTTRN View Post
Tyrans doesn't stand in his own fire. It sounds like some of these problems are due to people droping Infernos on Tyran's back; he'll teleport to a different, adjacent square and start attacking from that position. I have no idea what would happen if the only adjacent squares had infernos on them.
That's a very interesting theory, I never heard of it before. I'll keep an eye on that during our next run.
I believe Leafy_Bug was talking about another issue however, where the offtank had taunted but Tyrans would stay at the first tank for a few additional seconds before teleporting, or teleporting immediately but then going back to the first tank for a few seconds.

In the first few weeks the content came out, we tried a rather weird tactic where the tanks would stand at opposite ends of the room. This had the advantage that the tanks would have more space to drop Inferno, but it decreased the uptime for melee DPS so we have since dropped it.
However, with this tactic, Tyrans would also show these teleportation issues where he stayed at the tank who no longer had aggro. I believe that this may disprove your theory where Tyrans would evade the Inferno by going to an adjacent tile, because with our strategy Tyrans would teleport to the other end of the room.
I think it really depends on some bugs with the teleportation only happening during certain times in Tyrans' ability rotation and is not related to the Inferno. But like I said, I'll keep an eye on it the next time I'm at the boss.

Quote: Originally Posted by MGNMTTRN View Post
I've seen Tyrans put the Simplification debuff on his target, then turn to the next highest threat player (possibly with the offtank taunting as well), hit the offtank for 6 seconds, and begin attacking the maintank who placed Simplification as soon as Simplification faded. This does not mean that Tyrans is bugged; it means the maintank has very good threat generation.
I can confirm this, I've seen it myself as well that the main tank gets back Tyrans without taunting, but it happens very rarely.
Some more details regarding which player is targeted after Simplification. Once the main tank has the Simplification debuff, Tyrans ignores this player completely.

Case A:
When the offtank is in second place on threat and does not taunt, Tyrans will automatically target the offtank while the first tank has simplification. If the Simplification debuff has expired and the main tank is still in first place, Tyrans will go back to the main tank.
Therefore, the tanks do not need to use taunt, but it is recommended to do it because there is no guarantee that the offtank will be in second place on threat. Especially at the beginning of the fight, a DPS may be in second place.

Threat list:
1. Main tank with simplification (is ignored)
2. Off tank
3. DPS
-> Tyrans attacks the offtank

Case B:
The alternative is that the offtank taunts while Tyrans is casting Simplification on the main tank. This ensures that the offtank has more threat than any DPS or healer. It is wrong to say that Tyrans automatically targets the player second-highest in threat. He will look at the threat list and try to target the player with highest threat first. If this player has the Simplification debuff, Tyrans ignores this player and tries to target the second highest player, etc.
In this Case B, for example, Tyrans is in fact attacking the player with highest threat, because the offtank taunted during the cast and now has the highest threat.
Should the main tank be able to generate so much more threat than the offtank that he is on top of the Threat list after Simplification, then Tyrans will once again attack the main tank. This however should not happen unless the offtank stops attacking or uses a threat dump or something.

Threat list:
1. Offtank
2. Main tank with simplification (is ignored)
3. DPS
-> Tyrans attacks the offtank

Quote: Originally Posted by MGNMTTRN View Post
As noted earlier in the thread, Raptus's threat problems are confounded by the presence of +threat buffs on DPS and I believe the tanks get -threat+armor debuffs right? That will be a recipe for disaster unless tanks spam taunts.
I believe Leafy_Bug was not talking about this. Of course, the tanks have a little less threat than DPS, but this should only be a problem at the beginning of the fight.

Leafy_Bug was talking about the time when all three roles have completed their challenge. We have talked about a little bit in this thread, see SnickerJew's post and the responses to it.
Apparently, 2-3 seconds after all three challenges are completed, every player will have his aggro reset and Raptus will shortly target the player who was supposed to kiting them. At least this is what I believe is happening.
In any case, you can prevent this from being too big of an issue by having your tanks and healers enter first, and DPS enter when the red text "30 seconds remaining" appears. That way, the tanks will be in position to immediately taunt back when the DPS come out of their challenge.