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12.29.2013 , 06:13 AM | #8
I do not see how my post made you jump to the conclusion that these two bosses cannot be beaten. I have DP/DF on farm since it came out and I do it weekly on 6 characters. This whole attitude where we generalize and assume that people are noobs has got to stop. I tank with 1 shadow, 1 guardian, do damage with 1 sentinel, 1 gunslinger, and , of course, heal with 1 scoundrel, 1 sage. All my toons are BIS 78 with 78 mainhands and when I report that Raptus with his buddy Tyrans act weird, trust me, they act weird. This is not a learn to play issue as Jerba makes it sound.

This is not my first BBQ and when we swap on simplification, we are both on the same platfrom, yet I have aggro, without moving from the platform, the previous tank moves to delete a square and Tyrans follows him while hitting me. L2play yes? Honestly , you come on the forums and point out some problems with the game and people lose their mind make you a noob and tell you that things are fine.