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12.29.2013 , 05:07 AM | #7
I agree with everything everyone else has said, and will also add: If you're in charge, you're responsible for keeping everyone on track and for breaking up petty squabbles that always happen in progression raiding. (People trying their best and failing a lot tends to put people on edge.) Have fun but optimise your raid time and keep pointless chatter out of it when it matters, like in explanations and before a pull.

And re-emphasising the need to listen to your raid team. Unless you can come up with a logical reason not to try something a few times, even if it's different to the strategy you may have studied.

When you're not raiding/ have finished for the week/ are on alts, have a think about pugging some HM raids. Yes, it sometimes ends badly but I would say (without meaning to be offensive) that there should be a lot of players capable of doing HM TfB and S&V in a pug. It's a good opportunity to see other strats or at least get more practise in.

I wish your group good luck.