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Give a brief overall explanation of the boss fights without spending too much time for it (so as not to get people bored by too long monologues) and then let the group try out the fight and when they wipe, analyze what went wrong and explain that part of the fight in more detail. Of course even when you succeed keep looking for ways to still improve.

A good raid leader should also know everything worth knowing about everything that in any ways relates to your raiding. This is not just limited to knowing the boss specific tactics for every operation boss out there, but also knowing everything there is to know about every spec of every class that you might have in your group. Ideally it helps if a raid leader does have at least some experience of playing all different roles with as many different classes as possible, but a good raid leader needs to also have detailed knowledge of what kind of abilities those classes he has never played have.
For example if a boss has multiple adds that have casts that need to be interrupted at the same time, you need to know exactly how each one of your team members can interrupt like this class has 6 second cooldown on his interrupt and therefore can solo interrupt every cast on the add he is on, but this other class has 12 second cooldown and can only get all casts interupted if I assign two people on the same add. One should know these details even about classes they never play.
Also a it is good to be able to recognize when a team member is not playing their class in the most effective way and know how to advice them to improve, no matter what class that is.

but you don't really need to be all knowing or have perfect knowledge of everything.

More important than knowledge are situational awareness and communication skills.
Practice your communication skills. The raid leader is the one who is expected to do more talking than anyone else, sometimes even more than all others combined, but it is also important to be able to listen when needed. You cant be a raid leader at all if you cant talk, but you cant be a good leader either if you cant also listen.
Also situational awareness relates to communication. A good raid leader is the first to notice when something that needs the attention of the rest of the group and the first to shout it out in whatever voice communication software you use.

Above all, a good raid leader is someone who rather offers guidance instead of just giving orders.

Also spend time getting to know your group and their strengths and weaknesses and recognize what each one of them is good at.

As for loot rules, you need to adjust them to the needs and the situation and the composition of your group and to always be ready to discuss such things with your group to make sure nobody feels cheated out of things they are trying to get.
There are many alternatives, but one needs to find a way to balance the needs of the group in a way that to some part takes into account what benefits the group as a whole the most, but at the same time also tries to be as fair as possible to all members, but also allowing those who put the most effort to get geared to get something out of it. This is a complex issue which I have discussed and debated a lot, but will say more about it some other time.