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The weeklies for Dread Fortress and Dread Palace only require you to beat bosses 1-4 (stopping at Corrupter Zero and Raptus, for DF/DP respectively), if that wasn't clear. The quest to advance the storyline requires that you beat bosses 1-5 in Dread Fortress, then 1-5 in Dread Palace, in that order. Once you defeat Brontes (the last boss of DF), there will be a panel that you can click on outside of DP, before you enter the instance, which will give you a cut-scene.

Occasionally, but rarely, you do see some folks start groups for only the last bosses (especially Palace, since it requires more coordination than the average pug group can handle and groups often break up once they down Raptus), or you can start one yourself (though probably not advised since you obviously haven't seen the boss yet). These groups form because of reasons like yours, IE some folks only want to do the weekly and stop, or the group isn't good enough to get past the last bosses. This occurred more when the operations first came out, however.