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12.28.2013 , 08:36 AM | #1
Dear BW,

First and foremost, happy holidays. Is there a chance your combat designers can have a look at Raptus and Tyrans because they are like two hamsters on coffee. Raptus seems to have developed a mind of his own because he randomly drops aggro on both tanks and then we , as raid, have to split like a banana. He has also developed a new tactic to make our lives miserable. For example, he oftentimes zigs when he should zag, pardon my programmer parlance. Just the other day he decided to rising slash the tank who did not have aggro and then completely ignore my shadow tank even with taunt and go for our scoundrel healer who was returning from the teleport.

Now Tyrans is another basket of pancakes. I mean he really plays hard to get. Simplification seems to be his way of telling us to release our burden. So I main tank, i get simplification, offtank picks him up, i move away to drop my simplification and Tyrans decides to follow me. The other tank taunts him again, Tyrans like a good boy does what he is told, simplification comes, I taunt, and Tyrans follows the other tank WHILE i have aggro. So he moves to the other tank's platform while thundering blasting me from behind (i am sure a joke can be made here ).

We tried many ways of taunting him last night. In the beginning, halfway, towards the end, in between the between of the halfway, we taunted him sideways, perpendicularly, even horizontally, truth of the matter is, he needs to be looked at because damn, that boy aint fine!!!