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12.27.2013 , 07:18 PM | #1
I can't seem to get back into Dread Fortress.

1) I am working the Class Story and have been given the story quest to complete the DF Operation.
2) I was invited into an Ops Group.
3) I took a speeder to the DF start point. (Fulfills the starting request of the Class Story)
4) I was given the 'weekly' DF operation and accepted.
5) The Ops group made it up to, but did not complete, the last final boss. We disbanded.
Next day.
6) accepted a new Ops group invite.
7) Speeder to DF start point
8) Attempt to enter and get error message (You progress is further than you group) or something like that. Which was correct as I only needed the final boss.
9) So I abandoned the weekly mission. Still no good. So I re-set the Story Line quest. "Need to take speeder to DF start point".
10) went back to base, re-took speeder, back to DF start point. Tried to enter. No luck.
11) Ops group was PO'd and didn't offer any help, kicked me. OK, I understand that by now I should know the mechanics of missions.... but I don't.
So... I don't know what to do... I don't fully understand the phases, missions, weeklies, etc. and their over-lapping requirements.
Should I abandon the quest completely? But then how do I complete the Class Story (get the mission again... but from where/who?)
Advice please?
[I'm a healer... you're gonna need me sooner or later... lol....]