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Hey guys,

I was wondering how much % you can get on Location achievements without doing PvP-related stuff? Does anybody know? I just started hunting achievements and a good way to start is doing Location achievements, isn't it?
Probably low 90's, I would guess. I haven't done any of them as I never see any flagged folks, but I've got around 85% with much more to do (mostly 5k/planet stuff).

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I also have a problem with Dromund Kaas Platesmasher,since i have never seen it in the area it's supposed to be nor can i see it's corpse,so my question is:is it bugged?
This is something I seem to have neglected to add to the bugs list on the second page, but this rare mob apparently only spawns either when a new instance opens up, or after a server restart. I would recommend either killing it as soon as you can on Tuesdays after the restart, or heading to DK on the weekend when there are more instances up. Here's a video someone made showing what the mob looks like/where it is.

There are a few other unique mobs that share this issue, including one on Voss.