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12.27.2013 , 11:47 AM | #9
My guild usually runs ML for pug runs, but the funny thing is the last two times we've had an issue when not using it, it's been with a guildie needing for alts, which is only allowed when stated so if no one else in the group needs the item and it's a guild only run. Otherwise everyone greeds and the pugs have a fair chance to get something extra for helping all of us to make up the slots needed for the extra ultimates on 16-man.

I was about to swap over to ML for a HM Xeno I put together the other day, but as I didn't set it from the start I felt that I would basically be telling everyone in there that I didn't trust them so I just left it alone. No one ninja'd and I won a Red Sphere, all gravy. ML is the norm for a large number of pugs, never really had any issues.