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Bioware, I am begging you, FIX THE WEEKLY MISSIONS. I am SICK of running ops very smoothly, only to have almost the whole raid quit after they get their weekly. It doesn't matter how smooth the raid is going, as soon as we wipe ONCE after the weekly, someone will quit and start a domino effect. They claim that it's "too hard." I don't know who's idea it was to only put the weekly missions half way or 4/5 through ops, but it is annoying. No one ever finishes ops any more. EV, KP, and EC all have to be completed, why not the new 4 ops? Make people finish what they started!
Yeah, I pug a lot on my sever, esp. on the Imp side and even though I'm in it for a full run, I'm not at all surprised when someone leaves the group after the weekly. And it is really hard to get a replacement after the weekly at that point, unless someone is willing to come and already did the weekly.

Unless Bioware changes it, it will probably remain that way ... IF they change it.
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