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As a dps'er of course I agree with this though I am wondering- one excuse I've heard from tanks that consistently lose aggro to high burst classes is "we've prioritized our gear optimization for survival, not for generating optimal threat". To all you tanks out there- is this reasoning valid?
Nope, it's not valid. If you're consistently losing agro to any class, you're doing something wrong in your opener. All three tanks have an opener which will hold guaranteed threat (barring resists) against any DPS class in the game. Resists will happen on occasion, and they can result in threat loss, but this is why tank openers always include taunt fluff timed to marginalize the impact of such resists. I can lose threat in my opener, particularly if my Force Pull is resisted (yes, that can happen), but my first taunt is timed such that I'll get it back before it matters, and often before anyone notices.

To clarify, my tank is in fully mitigation-itemized gear without a drop of accuracy, high main stat armorings or power crystals. My group's DPS are in optimized Dread Forged and all four are pulling between 3.7k and 3.85k on the 1 million HP dummy.

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My opinion differs slightly on agro.

IMO saying a dps should unbind (never use) their agro dump is a little like saying tanks and dps shouldn't use a medpack or self-cleanse because the healers should be good enough to cleanse & heal through all the damage.
(re-reading this it comes off a little strong. It's not my intention for it to be that way but I feel like it should stay in)
I think this is a fair perspective. In general, I tend to bias my thinking about raids in favor of taking load off of the DPS and healers and putting it on the tanks, simply because I main a tank myself. I do think that DPS shouldn't need to agro dump, and removing the agro dump as a point of concern for them frees up their concentration to focus on execution and high damage. Ideally, I want my DPS to be able to treat every boss fight as close to a dummy as possible, and obviously a dummy doesn't require agro dumps.

With that said, you're right that everyone in the raid should be supporting everyone else. If a tank does need an agro dump for whatever reason, they should be able to call for it and get it. For example, I call for my DPS to agro dump at specific times during Raptus due to the threat debuff from the tank curse. They know where the issues are, and they're happy to oblige when I ask. In turn, I try to provide them with the confidence to blow out their hardest-hitting attacks without fear of turning the boss at an inopportune moment and wiping the raid.

Quote: Originally Posted by Solar_Breeze View Post
Having said this a mistake like loss of agro, player death etc.. will always occur how you deal with that mistake and improve/ carry on from it is far more important.
Yep. This is particularly true in the case of agro due to the fact that min-maxed tanks have less than 100% accuracy, meaning that they can and will run into situations where they hit an unlucky streak of resists, resulting in agro loss. Good tanks have their taunt timing such that this will never be a mechanical issue, which speaks to the "deal with that mistake and improve/carry on" point.
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