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My opinion differs slightly on agro.

IMO saying a dps should unbind (never use) their agro dump is a little like saying tanks and dps shouldn't use a medpack or self-cleanse because the healers should be good enough to cleanse & heal through all the damage.
(re-reading this it comes off a little strong. It's not my intention for it to be that way but I feel like it should stay in)

Whilst it is every players responsibility to always improve and for tanks the way they play and hold agro is a major factor. It is also the responsibility of every raider to assist each other.

Raids are about players working together. You train as a team to work together. When you work together well enough you progress through raids. Never try and make someone in your team fail.

- As a dps I expect players to be capable of using an agro drop during a phase change, target swap or after a precast as well as during a fight without it impacting overall dps.
- As a tank I expect players to be capable of recognising where a dps (and which one) is likely to pull agro (for example the above scenarios) and take steps to avoid that.

Having said this a mistake like loss of agro, player death etc.. will always occur how you deal with that mistake and improve/ carry on from it is far more important.
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