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Yeah, lots of good input here- I think something else that ties into assessing the question "what went wrong" goes into communication as a team as a whole. If you all aren't all on the same page of your goals (i.e. we want to clear this content, not bash our heads for eternity, and not screw up) and have that comfort/familiarity with each other, then sometimes tough love is good and necessary. Everyone needs to be open to criticism, suggestions, adjustments, all of that (although in the middle of a raid is not always the best time for a dramatic overhaul unless there's something seriously wrong tactically) and within your team understand it's not a personal thing, not being a jerk thing, but is trying to identify ways everyone can improve. If you lay it out there "I want to down this content, master it, and play my class better, let's make sure we communicate about things" and everyone has that same commitment, then criticism is not something elitist or drama inducing, but is the basic courtesy of helping everyone to improve together. It might not be bad to have a separate meeting or something to deal with some of these things, so that people aren't either at the end of raid time, exasperated with wipes and being extra harsh if this kindof conflict/ "calling out" of eachother is a concern as a potentially elitist attitude. Because quite frankly, if you're struggling to down a certain boss, bashing your head against it, and are NOT open for criticisms/suggestions/ideas, you're in for a rough ride and more pain.

Another thing that can be helpful is recording your fights- you don't necesarily need to upload them all, esp a not-kill, but I know for myself as i transitioned from being a casual raider to a more dedicated raider with an eye on downing content quickly being able to go back over and watch my fights either from a fight we were learning, or even kill footage I had uploaded for the rest of the guild's benefit was helpful for me to identify patterns and places where I'd forget it was my footage and I'd catch myself critiquing the heal selection, how long I left an ability off cooldown for, poor boss positioning as a tank, whatever it may be- I can learn a lot, and even from an attempt where I thought i was doing my job really well identify places to improve and make it even smoother next time.
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