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(Just as an aside: Is it me, or are Shadow/Assassin tanks much more vulnerable to sudden spike-damage than the other two tanks? I be cruising along, Kolto-Bomb for the buff, AMP ---> MP to keep their buffs rolling, then all of a sudden --HUGE HIT! 50% HEALTH GONE!!1111oneone-- and I'm like "Ooooooooh (f-word)" and scrambling for Tech Override ---> Medical Probe ---> Bacta Infusion and praying that it would be quick enough with Trauma Probe's reactive-heal filling the time-gap....Yeah: Remember, no panicking!)

Fixed with 2.5, a bit (though I liked 2.4 Shadows more) but it's still doable, anything they shield gets massive amounts shrugged off. I've healed an Assassin through HM DF, that never once used his stacks to build up the Defense Increase like they should now that 2.5 hit, and I still healed him through it.
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