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Well I've had some pretty good groups, but terrible ones last few days. Sunday daily 55 hm, cz meltdown pops. Seems like a good group, till we get to sandstorm boss. As soon as I taunt boss to field generator that is glowing green, b4 he can rampage and destroy it, the dps assassin taunts off. We wipe and I politely ask in chat if he knows the mechanics. " yes. You were taking lot of damage so I figured I would taunt off to give u a break and u obviously don't know how to keep him in middle." Merc dps goes *** and leaves. Healer and I explain fight to assassin and a sniper joins. We pull again and again the shadow consistently taunts off b4 boss rampages and destroys generator. We go *** and his reply, "I know wht I'm doing, it's dps job to tank when main tank goes below 75%". He then promptly dc-ed and we 3 manned the boss no issue. He reconnects at jungle boss and tries same antic, so we vote kick. Got a Mara who knew his stuff and we finished no prob.

Monday daily 55, hm cad. Dps get adds in right order but I'm having to pop cool downs and medpacks on trash mobs, and I even die on a few. I inspect healers gear, seems fine. Little too much accuracy for a healer, but hey fps can be healed in dps gear these days. Then I notice that we don't have a sorc dps in group and so I shouldn't be seeing lighting storm and force lightning on so many occasions. I typed in chat, "healer pls don't dps". No reply, no change. I watch his rotation and see him cast one heal on me at beginning of a pull then frantically shoot lightning everywhere. After death number 8 b4 first boss a dps calls him out for not healing. Silence. Then " tank pulls too fast and my heal doesn't last. You dps need to kill the mobs b4 my heal finishes so I won't have to dps. ". The dps promptly vote kick, and we get an op healer. No issues till ortol. The dps say that they have never done him b4 so healer explains. Then she tells them that they all need to stack on me as if we all stack no one gets shackled. Well after wipe 5 on him, due to 4 of us shackled at once, and healer screaming at dps to stack tighter so it won't happen again and screaming at me to stop running around (breaking shackled), I'd had enough and left group. Repair bill over 100k and I swore I was off pugs for good.

Next day i had cooled off so decided to tank another 55 while waiting for guildies to be done their pvping daily. Czerka meltdown again. Healer in partisan gear with lev 30 relics and implants. We down sandstorm boss with sorc dps off healing. With only 2 wipes. Then onto jungle boss. Sniper dps is lagging or something. Sits still for moments on end then does a few snipes and maybe am ambush or a series of shots. Our healer can't keep up so sorc is off healing, trying to dps boss and adds all at same time. Wipe 3 timed with boss around 75%. I type on chat. "Sorry guys, don't think this is happening today. Sorc agrees and healer whispers me apologizing and saying he would get better gear. Also asked for advice on healing fps as he was a pvper to that point, he was so polite I invited him to my guild and recommended him to a couple good merc healers we have for advice. (He's doing way better now with level appropriate gear and a couple hours learning his healing rotation). Meanwhile sorc wishes us a merry Christmas and leaves. I type in chat that I'm sorry but I'm leaving too, ( don't need another 150k repair on something that is sposed ro be a fast run for comms and credits). Sniper LOSES it in chat. " you f-ing newbs are the reason this game sucks. You quit after a few wipes. Why you so scared of a fp boss, how u think plp beat operation bosses.?" And on and on. So I explained that a fp was diff than an op. A fp is not the same as a hm progression raid. That it is a quick run for profit, and to gear lesser geared players, and if it doesn't happen you don't lose sleep over it. "Look at my achievements and see I'm a good player, I've cleared all content" he boasts. I look. Fps yes, operations no. Ev sm, yes. Kp any mode, no. Ec sm 2 bosses. Tfb one boss, and nothing else. Meanwhile he goes on and on. Finally I lose it, and tell him I know what dedication is, I wiped more times than I can count when hm tfb came out. Etc etcetera. He goes " well you can't prove you've cleared anything." I say look at my achievements. He doesn't know how. I walk him through it and all of a sudden he goes real quiet , followed by, " so you can see mine too?" Yes siree I say. Silence. He then logs off.

So yesterday I try one more pug. HM cad again. With guild healer. He's tad under geared, so we took it slow. Los for 3 pulls. This really ticked our dps off. One was a geared to the nines sorc with dread slayer title. Other was a jugg dps in tank gear and tank stance. After 3rd Los pull jugg says " don't got time for this." That's all. Then procedes to pull every mob ahead of me. We let her die every time then I taunt and healer starts healing. Sorc starts getting mad at healer, literally cussing him out repeatedly for not healing the face puller. Get to first boss. Promptly type /stuck after jugg dps traps herself in 2 traps. Meanwhile sorc is losing it on me and healer. Healer cause plp were dying, me cause I wasn't tanking the droid. I explain u can't tank the droid, and it's easier to trap it. Then show jugg how to. Next try I trap droid and we get a decent burn. He reactivates and me and sorc and healer run behind the new trap. Jugg goes right through it. Then loses it in chat. Tells healer to cleanse the trap off her. Sorc is again pissed cause the droid is freezing and killing plp. Healer types in chat," good luck finding heals and a tank" and we leave to a string if expletives. No more pugs for me lol. Got 3 good guild heals and lots a good dps. We hop in team speak and have a blast. No one dies, we clear the fps in good time and it is wht it is supposed to be, a fast run for profit.

Plp wonder why tanks and healers stop doing pugs. It's just not worth it. I was last tank in guild to run pugs. Other 4 won't. Now there's only one healer in guild who will pug fps. Rest of us would rather just run with each other.
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