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12.24.2011 , 03:56 AM | #1
I have been reading the forums and it seems that everyone on here is just complaining about the PVP for whatever reason. It seems a large amount of issues are that people either think this game is to WoW or not enough WoW. I have played WoW since vanilla and up until their release of Cata. I really love SWTOR PVP, I am really enjoying jumping into the game and running around with my level 15 bounty hunter and still being able to decimate the enemy. The pvp is not perfect of course but it is very refreshing and enjoyable.

I have noticed a large amount of people complaining of the healing system as well. Although I have not healed in this game a friend who I have been playing with at times is really having no issues. He keeps himself up just fine in WZ's and when we play together it is fantastic. So for those of you having so much trouble or getting steamrolled it might be possible that you have poor skill at this game and your years of WoW skill did not transfer, Just some thoughts. Take it for what you want.