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12.26.2013 , 09:56 AM | #1597
On the last double XP weekend, me and my buddy were powerlevelling our snipers together. We queued for a FP, and got Cademimu. Our tank, a shadow, upon reaching the bottom of the slanted elevator, sprints all the way through to the end where the boss fight happens with general ortol.

We're like "where's this guy going?" and we type in chat "heloooooo tanky wanky. you gonna help us out with this?"

He responds "No noobs, sprint through."

Really? So now we're speedrunning? we just run in that direction (never mind that up to that point we had been killing all mobs for the XP bonus). Reach the end, mobs evade.

Tank says "How do you not know this?"

Our response "We weren't doing a speed run, you just straight up abandoned us...we were fighting the mobs, you force cloaked, and left."

We click the terminal, do the little cutscene, and the tank then sprints into the rocket room, with the sorc healer. My buddy manages to follow them, but the door literally closed in my face. So now I'm standing outside the door while those three are in there alone.

My buddy says, "well that wasn't smart" in chat.

Tanks says "You should have kept up. I'm not waiting for scrubs. I got stuff to do"

We both say "Good luck with less DPS."

So my buddy decides to make the tank's day. He basically takes enough damage from the fire to blow the sorc's force in healing him, and then dies to the fire. He says in chat "Now all that time you saved will be wasted, if you can even kill the boss. Good luck with your tanky dps. We would be done by now if you weren't being a jerk" The tank proceeds to call us scrubs, noobs, and other unpleasantries throughout the boss fight. We both kept saying "Thanks for doing all this work for us good buddy. I know you won't mind putting yourself out for such good online friends as us"

It took him around 10 minutes, maybe longer. Afterwards, the door opens, I enter and get the completion, rez my friend, and me and my buddy rolled need on the willpower loot and gave it to the sorc healer. Promptly ignored that tank.

See you in the warzones, muppets.