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Yeah, I had one of those in Black Talon HM yesterday. It was a DPS Madness Sorcerer, I was healing on my Sorc but using Lightning Storm on groups of adds as there was no danger at all... Her kicking enemies out of my aoe was quite annoying.
On a sidenote: tank almost died during the Boss with the Plasma Probes because he didn't move at all. I considered using Extraction on him, but the fight was almost over anyway...
It just reminded me of why I prefer not to use GF.
This reminds me of when I first started playing swtor. My first toon was a shadow I had no idea what I was doing so my first fp (essels) I ran through using my knock back ability on everything! I thought it was one my cooler abilities at the time so I used on every opening! I remember one of my group members asking me very kindly to "please knock that **** off!" At the time I couldn't understand why he was so mad, I mean I was killing stuff although I did stop it wasn't till later I realized why.

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