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While it's really good that you're trying to get used to the idea of CCing and everything which absolutely is something you should continue to do while leveling and doing leveling FPs for pulls where things can be tight, the thing you'll need to keep in mind is that a lot of people don't know what CC is (especially early on like Esseles and BT, most people don't tend to pick up on it until Hammer Station due to the first big droid pull if they're newer).

Honestly, there's no big reason to do any CCing in the first FP on either side so it's not a big deal, but you will need to keep in mind it's probably a good idea to both mark what you're going to CC and generally advise people not to attack it so they really understand what you're doing. Later on just marking them and doing it should suffice (in most cases at least, but there's probably always going to be a case where it's going to happen regardless). That said, I do applaud you for taking the effort to get in the habit of doing it because far too many people don't.
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