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Hi! Just came back recently (beta player, back since thanksgiving) and was rolling a couple new toons to get used to things again, learn to do things etc. Main is SIS and was leveling a shadow and healer sage. Now, in leveling my 55, i rarely did flashpoints. I really only know black talon/esseles and so I'm uber nervous about tanking on my shadow due to the pulls being spread out, not having a "jump" so to speak, the mobs being spread out, not knowing the layout etc.

I try to queue as dps to see it and learn it a bit and in doing so and waiting for my roommate to get higher level to be my pocket healer, I was leveling the new sage and healing.

While healing Esseles last night, all were 10/11 and I was 14, we get past midway to the little room with the 2 gold mech droids and before we pull, I say "I will CC left" and I force lift him and.... all 3 go after him. I just ... as I had been CCing here and there, stuns for the most part, FL the one silver in the other small room with a lot of spread out mobs etc. The thing is, I've had this happen quite a bit, where people would light up what I've CC'd almost right away.

Now, I know in Esseles is like the CZR level 55 FPs, no roles for the most part, but for my leveling experience and preparation, is this going to be the case here on up? As tank/healer, should I bother with CC or plan for CC or even bother doing it aside from my own stuns? I'm far from great, but would like to know the expectations going forward.
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