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Those tanks will almost always guard the healer because "that's what's it for" and "DO U EVEN TANK BRAH".
I believe in this cause, as tank your main goal is to protect the healer and a DPS would never take aggro off a tank if they would attack the same target as him (which is their responsibility). As long as I (tank) and the healer doesn't die, we'll be fine so :P

Anyway, what a lot of whining in here! Not many fun stories! I only have fun flashpoints!

Especially Black Talon social runs, talking about who you'd rather do, Sylas or that red-haired girl (I guess you know who I'd pick now).

Had a funny Athiss yesterday with me as tank and a new healer who spent more focus on DPS-ing than on healing. I told him several times to also look at other people's health bars apart from mine. However he didn't and the fight with Prophet of Vodal was hilarious and ended with 9 people dieing (in a 4-man group), but we did kill him!

I pulled and the first Crushing Darkness (CD) put a party member to 20% health, but as suspected no healing, so the next CD kills him, he starts walking back, healers get CD, doesn't watch his own health, dies, walks back, last party member tries to heal his CD, but also ends up dieing. Meanwhile the first guy came back with ~40% health, gets hit by CD, dies and walks back again. Now I was still tanking since he doesn't CD the tank, but I'm still losing health, so the healers come in for like... 5 seconds? Heals me twice and dies. The 3rd guy dies while still walking back. After all that time they finally arrive back with all three players, one of them dies but we did kill the boss.

It was soooo funny.