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As it is listed as a udp flood you could narrow down if it is on your system by the IP address possibly

Open a command prompt as administrator

netstat -n -p udp -b | more

Press Enter. (the | is obtained by shift-backslash)

Many lines of text will appear associated with programs you have open that require a network connection of some kind (in this case we narrowed it down to UDP connections only).
Sorry for the late reply was busy with the Christmas holidays. All I get when I run that command is:

Active Connections
Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

Imaged Added:

I had visited my parents place for the Christmas Holidays out in the country side so there internet did drop out every now and again but I was able to play without connection failures that I have been having at my house. They are with the same internet provider I am with but have a more up to date modem to counter the country side drop outs. I would like to upgrade to there modem but unfortunately I don't have the money to upgrade that and my ISP won't replace mine apparently seeing as I have had it for awhile.

Still seeing as my other roomies are not having any issues with it, it still must work, just must be something that this modem hates on my laptop, I need to find out what it is I guess.