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This isn't GW2. That being said, they wanted to have spontaneous events. They *tried* to have spontaneous events. The first Rakghoul event was awesome. It started with a newscast that we had no idea what was about. We had no idea what we'd find when we got there. It took days to unfold. And the whining was intense enough that they never tried that again.

If you want to place blame for the lack of spontaneous events, place the blame squarely on the many QQing players who want everything handed to them on a platter at a predetermined time so their ever so special selves don't miss anything, not on Bioware. That was the best thing they ever did in game and it will likely never happen again.
Have to agree with the reasoning here. Though, we'll never know what other events of this type may have been planned had F2P not happened.

With so many layoffs, there must have been a lot of projects that were abandoned. Example: I'm certain we would have had more objective-based pvp maps.

And, no, I'm not a pvp player, and am not commenting on the state of ground pvp. But it's pretty clear from the early game updates, ones that included Ops and a corresponding pvp map, that this was probably an approach that would be continued. After the layoffs, however, we never saw another objective-based map, save for Ancient Hypergate, which was clearly already well in the works or done that summer.

The only thing that has stayed a priority for sub-based updates are Ops. FPs and PvP maps got dropped.