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*heavy sigh*

The ONLY way I can justify this line is that it was MEANT to be ironic, it was MEANT to showcase that the Jedi were blind and, thus, of course fell. Here's an order which claims that only the Sith look at things in a black and white manner, and yet the Order itself looks at everything in a black and white manner, especially matters of love. The Order was doomed to fail because of this, and Obi-Wan as one of the embodiments of this Order shows it.

Read the novelization of RotS (it's infinitely better than the film). A great moment plays out while Yoda is battling Palpatine, in which he makes a revelation that the Jedi Order was doomed to fail because they were so locked into their old ways. This is why he flees; to preserve that realization and have a chance to start anew. This would ALSO explain why Original Yoda seems to teach different values to Luke than Prequel Yoda would.

It's still not perfect, like the whole "Do or Do Not" thing, but it's the only thing that gives Lucas even a SMIDGEN of credit.

Not that he deserves it.
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