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I'm not sure how I should feel or how acceptable this is, so I would like the communities opinion on the subject.

Over 4 toons, I ran a total of 5 OPS (4 Xeno (SM&HM) and 1 TC) ... 4 out of the 5 OPS Groups, the Raid Leader put the Loot on Master Looter ... Nothing was Ninja'ed (Although I was afraid of that, but I don't usually go into pug groups expecting more then comms/Helix ... I have horrible luck with RNG )

Is this acceptable? Should I have said something? If so, what? I did put the Ops Leaders on /ignore so I don't run with them again .... I found it annoying more then anything else really ... but no one else said anything about it so I figured I wouldn't if no one else had a problem with it ...

Anyway ... What should one do in this situation?
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