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Hello all

This wil be a dubble post beqeus i now already al wil disagree with the post i am asking about,
if you a player that plays the game normaly as intended!

So what is it wel i am leveling my 2e imperial agent (yes no adv class) and am running into the Same problem every time! Comment "are you a noob no adv class" getting kicken etc from flashpoints? Why i ask! I am now level 41 imp. agent so? I can even comment i out dps some adv classes beqeus people realy cant Play there class! I have 6 imperial agents 2 opratives 2 sniper's 1 imperial agent and the 2e one i am level now.

I understand that people think "he cant Play te game" but dont say that before you see how he plays
Same for pvp now i think about it got a lot of people that ignored me before the match? What i dont understand is why? In pvp my imp agent even shines even more i am alway's in the top row of players not dps healing or talking! But i am in part of kills objectives etc (i asume that is where pvp is about winning by objectives not kills dps healing tanking)

So what is your opinion about my opinion and stuf i had to be put trow for leveling a imp agent trow the game? Am i wrong to not pickking adv class

P.s sorry bad english