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All of this is true, but the fact is that this is a Star Wars game, and there are certain guidelines to games as lore-centered as this one. As lose as those guidelines can be, at times...
Wookie Life Day is a LORE. It's a "canon" for Star Wars Lore.

This is L-canon (from Lucas) . He thought up this holiday.
This is T-canon (television SW shows). The Star Wars Holiday Special is a 1978 TV movie set.
This is M-canon (SW movies). The movie actors enjoy it. poster here

So... stop whining ppls. This is lore-oriented game. This is not Xmas. This is Wookie Life Day. This is our likely lore.

Youtube prooflink:

P.S. and....whatta f Bioware...where my Red-Nose tauntaun and Winter Warrior title? /angry