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I agree, a lot of helpful advice here; I even learned a few things myself.

However, since the OP specifically asked about raid awareness, I want to clarify something.
Raid awareness is not so much about knowing the boss mechanics or having top DPS/HPS, it is about keeping a cool head during the fight. A lot of the boss mechanics are designed to create chaos, but raid aware players will not be overwhelmed by this. They will always see what ability the boss is casting, where a void zone appears, they already think of what they have to do in the next phase, and they are still able to deal top damage or heal so that no one dies.
In another thread, they compared raid awareness with the ability to multitask, and I highly agree with this comparison.

I can't stress enough how important a good raid leader is. Individual wipes are always the fault of a certain player, but it is the raid leader's responsibilty to identify what went wrong - be it a mistake by players or a flaw in your tactic - and make adjustments accordingly.
This of course means that the raid leader does not just have to do his role. He has to watch the entire group, see who's standing in a wrong spot, who's attacking the wrong target. That's why raid leaders need a much higher raid awareness than other players.
In my opinion, healers are suited best for this. Tanks are usually standing near a wall and have a huge monster in front of them. They can't see anything but the belly of the boss, how are they supposed to keep an eye on the raid? The DPS always keep an eye on the enemy, they don't look at their own group. Nevertheless, I know that there are good DPS and tank raid leaders.
Also, players in top world progression guilds don't need a raid leader to tell them what went wrong. They are seeing their mistakes by themselves, or can identify errors that the raid leader did not see.
I know that in my group the players are not able to do this themselves, so I keep an eye on everyone and call out mechanics during the fight. In your group, it looks like you also need a raid leader who watches the group, who tells each person what they did wrong, since your players do not see this themselves.