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There's already a lot of good advice in here, but one thing I haven't seen anything about yet is knowing when to quit. If there was one lesson I learned the hard way, it's that some times walking away and finding a new group is the ideal fit.

The first step is to identify your personal goals. What level of content do you want to clear? What level of content do you realistically think you can clear? If your group was wiping on Grob'thok for weeks plural, I agree with the previous poster that says you have an uphill battle for progression.

This was my first real MMO, and when I was started I was bad. But I kept working at it, playing different roles and improving. After a year or so, I graduated to what I like to think of as the "HM casuals." These are groups that attempt to run HM and have some decent players, but do not consistently clear the content.

I got along with everyone, but I consistently felt let down by the groups I was playing with. It seemed whatever role I wasn't filling, we would struggle with. After bashing my head against progression walls for a few months, I struck out on my own and bounced around for awhile, still improving my personal skills and forging new relationships. And then I was fortunate enough to land in a burgeoning progression group and in a few months time went from barely completing HMs to having achieved a Dragonslayer title. There are much more accomplished guilds than us, but it was a remarkable turnaround for me personally.

Is this attitude elititist? Yes, it is. If you want to achieve on the highest level, you must be prepared to push yourself and others to that level and accept the fact that, no matter what kind of coaching they receive, some people will just never be that good. Any more than I can expect to walk on to an NFL field tomorrow and perform at a high level.

Skills and muscle memory can be improved, but talent matters. In my group, we mostly joke and have fun. We understand it's just a game. But are there ego collisions some times? Sure. Do people some times call others out? Absolutely. But in the end we achieve our goals and have fun playing the game at the same time.

So first I ask that you look in the mirror and decide what kind of player you want to be.
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