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It was my husband who leaned over my shoulder one day, as I was playing Dragon Age, who said, "You know, Bioware is coming out with an MMO. You should check out their webpage, see if you might like it." There are times he laughs at me, when he watches me leveling some new character in SWTOR. He says, "At least I know what to buy you whenever there's a new holiday ..." My office at work is now splattered with Star Wars stuff.
Yeah, I was never really a Star Wars fan, though I liked the original trilogy. (I'm old enough to have seen it when it originally came out.) Like you, I started playing SWTOR because it was a Bioware game, and I fell in love with the stories. Between SWTOR and all the Star Wars novels and comics I've read since I started playing, I definitely count as a fan now.

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