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The only way I have seen at improving raid awareness is to run alts, i.e. if you a main DPS, roll a tank alt. If your a tank roll a healer. This allows you to see the fight from different perspectives and will appreciate the jobs the other members in your party do.

As raiding has progressed through this game the DPS have had more and more things to do, from clicking a puzzle in EV to standing in circles in TFB to off cleansing/interrupting in DF. To get more proficient at these tasks you should make sure your DPS practice all of their skills while running dailies instead of just muscling through them. Interrupt the channeled abilities, cleanse when required etc.... The DPS who typically do the best are those who can do these off skills while still keeping up their DPS. Just like healers throwing in the odd DPS attack (Styrak being a prime example) to help avoid the enrage timer, or knowing when to heal (this one requires the healers knowing the fights and having a very good relationship with their tanks, i.e when and what defensive cooldown the tank is going to use)

I also concur with what is said above, those with the most practice online are more likely to be more familiar with their roles. DPS PVPers typically are the best at interrupting as they need to be to kill the healers.

Typically each fight in an operation tests each of the roles, whether it be testing the tanks (with swapping, positioning), testing the healers (with cleanses, insane spike damage) or testing the DPS (with AOEs, tight enrage timers). The key is to research the fight and know when to give up, for instance if you feel that you are regression raiding, call it a night and come back fresh another time. There is nothing more frustrating that hitting a wall for three hours trying to squeak out a little more DPS or to not miss interrupts only to fail.
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