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12.23.2013 , 05:05 PM | #8
Thank you guys, I really appreciate the feedback. I would like to continue this debate though, as I'd like to fully hit every single point I'd like in order to make our team better.

For starters, the "competitive" aspect of this. I actually fully agree, as the competitive edge is something that gives people the ability to actually push themselves more so than just to kill the boss.

Unfortunately, this is the problem of the guild I run with, as they try their best to avoid being that "elitist" group. I highly advise people to go into WZs and train themselves, as I believe the best practice in terms of being a raid aware player is to be a good PvPer. IE, if you can run Carnage in PvP, you can dominate with the spec in PvE if you design it towards maximizing damage in the op.

Many more so believe the ideas of being "elitist" and "competitive" will ultimately result in us hating each other, causing guild drama and issues that will be very problematic as some may not really understand the ideas of competition too well (IE, the difference between people who can put their heart and soul into a fight and say to themselves, "if this mofo kills me, I won't sleep for weeks", and then actually shrug it off once the failure happens versus someone who can't).

So how do you guys go about creating a successful guild amidst the issues? And is raid awareness something that can only be achieved from competition?