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If you want to raid progressively, you always need to be aware of why you are wiping. If you do not know this, you won't make any progress.

In my opinion, a successful raid is not just about good players, it's also about having a good raid leader.
A good raid leader does not just read Dulfy's guides; he watches streams by other guilds (not just kill videos/farm runs) to see why other guilds are wiping; he reads the forums to better understand certain mechanics that are not covered very detailed in the guides.

Myself, I am a healer, so I always keep an eye on the HP bars and debuffs and am usually the first one to notice when someone makes a mistake - either because they received too much damage or because they got a certain debuff they should not get.
After each wipe I tell my group why we wiped and what we can do to prevent this in the future. I never say "What just happened? That must be a bug."; it always comes down to one person not following mechanics, or a flawed tactic.
Of course, this leads to name calling (player A stood in AoE, player B had the wrong target) but my group understands that I do not mean this as a personal attack but to improve our raid. Often, the players don't realize their mistakes by themselves.
And in case I don't know what happened, I ask the player who died first to look up why they died in the combat logs. It is important to not just look at the final attack that killed you, but at all the incoming damage during the last 15 seconds or more. And if you then still do not know what happened or don't know what the attack with the name XY does, you ask about it here in the forums.

Also, I frequently PuG so that I get to know other tactics. When you only run with your guild, you tend to stop thinking about different strategies. By running DF/DP with other groups (even if it is just SM), I often learn new tactics or mechanics. They are not always better than our tactic, but they give you new ideas, and in return I also tell them my tactic if I think it is better than theirs.
Each week, I try to give my group a slightly different tactic so that they remain spontaneous and can adjust to new tactics. I am sure that Nightmare mode will require a different tactic and that way, our group already knows many different tactics and is prepared to learn new ones.

So to sum it up, learn more about the mechanics and talk about your wipes while your are zoning back in and walking to the boss; then you know why you are wiping and can clear the content faster.