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One thing I forgot to mention, don't be discouraged by the silence in progression raiding videos. A lot of those first kills occur after a dozen pulls of a boss, where everything has already been discussed ad nauseum. When you pull a boss 70 or 80 times (16 NiM Cartel Warlords), every raider had better know that fight to perfection and not need to be told anything any more. If it helps your raid group, have one member with exceptional awareness call out big mechanics like add switches and important AOES (usually healers or tanks are better at this than dps). Warlords is an extreme example, but some fights really just require lots of tries to get down. We were the only guild to get NiM Thrasher for about 3 weeks, killing him in four or five pulls if I remember correctly, and during that time every other 16-man guild still threw themselves at it relentlessly to try and replicate our success, with each group attempting it dozens of times. A tough fight shouldn't be viewed as discouraging, but challenging.
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