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Competitiveness is the most important trait in a progression guild.

DPS - compete to do more damage, kill adds faster, avoid more of the avoidable hits (cleaves on Grob'thok, Tyrans, Raptus for example), cleanse yourself faster (Death mark on council, dots or Draxus and Nefra). Get in parsec and compete with each other, try to beat out the parses other people upload here to the forums or to the torparse website.

Heals - compete not just to put out more heals, but put out more effective healing (the amount of healing that's actually useful). This means getting to lower people faster and topping them off faster, responding or predicting damage and prestacking slow-release medpacs or prebubbling them to prevent the damage from ever occurring. Any healer can put out tremendous numbers if given the right circumstances (scoundrels can sustain at least 7k HPS, sages probably come in close to that as well). What is really important is putting up numbers that aren't wasted.

Tanks - compete to take less damage (if possible, not feasible for many fights simply because mechanics dictate one tank being more active, or phases take longer). One tank taking too much damage may indicate poor raid awareness (looking at Raptus here) or poor gearing choices. "Compete" to put out more threat than your dps so that you never lose aggro, allowing them to push their dps numbers as high as possible. "Compete" to find the best ways to hold onto adds so dps them down faster via AOE abilities. "Compete" to do mechanics better than the other tank (ex. Grobthok, see who is better at getting him into the magnet faster when pipe smash is cast).

Finally, your group needs to want to compete with other guilds, if not across the entire player-base, at least on your server or even faction. Don't be afraid to cut dps who can't make the cut, especially if you've given them a fair amount of time to review their rotation and improve. You can't be too friendly if you want to be the best. You need to dislike each other enough that you aren't afraid to call out those individuals holding the group back.

Another small thing that helps is being active in the game. People who play more often tend to be better just because they're constantly fresh on their class. They are practicing their rotation every day, not just on raid nights. Having alts is helps too. Playing a different role in a fight forces you to be aware of mechanics you might not have otherwise noticed if you play the same role every week. Get an extra alt run going each week. This has the downside that some people end up with too many alts and end up being no good at any of them.

TL;DR - Competition is essential.
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