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12.23.2013 , 02:30 PM | #735
To clarify my stances on other things:

Operations - Not yet, as I'm only Lv 42. . Obviously, I insist that at least 2 entirely new (not hard modes) Operations are added every year. Any more than that is nice, but not something I require once I'm raiding.

Flashpoints - A few every year, or several every couple years. The current rate is just barely acceptable, but with just a nudge forward, would be just fine. Rehashes of dungeons suck, and I appreciate at least what a slimed down Rift is doing; they redo most of the assets WITHIN dungeon locations, give them a new (present-in-timeline) story, with new bosses (Realm of Twisted Dreams and Return to Deepstrike). I enjoy that a lot more, if devs are gonna reuse an area.

PvP - I don't PvP so I don't care. I appreciate it when there's at least 2 solid PvP related patches every year though (not counting entirely new expansions).

Space Combat - Haven't tried GS yet, but intend to. When it comes to space combat, I just want it to be fun but also relate as much to my 'on foot character' as possible. Adding companion buffs was something I just learned of, and I'd be in support of stuff like that. Also want more freeform PvE space combat.
In terms of PvP, I want the Star Wars Battlefront 2 thing of spending part of the battle in space flight, but THEN land (along with other players) to attack enemy ships from the inside. Add in guild ships and...

Crew Skills - Haven't delved enough into this, except I can say that I always want crafting to be important and relevant. More than it is now...

Character Customization - I'd want a partial overhaul really. Currently, its too restrictive. Silly even, when we see we can change body type to 'big', but can't choose states that are in-between.

Legacy - Can't say much here, except that I wouldn't mind additions to this system. No rush for me.

Races - On one hand, honestly, I don't care. I know the restrictions Bioware is working with, so whatever.
On the other, I want an entirely new Wookie expansion with their own Lv 40 (starts there, requires purchase or existing character at Lv 50, like Death Knights in WoW) to 50 storyline as their own class, then they pull a Pandaria, to either join the grateful Republic to less personal gain, or the resentful/hateful Empire to more personal gain/payment. Class would be something like 'Wookie Bowcaster'. Voicing would be easier, as it would be mostly growls , and we just assume other people have personal translators :P

New Class - Unless they're part of a major major addition (like my Wookie idea), I'd say no. And I think it'd be a waste to have a whole 3 Chapters of Class Story for it. I prefer advancements to existing stories and mechanics.