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So after scouring the forums here, I have been wondering on what the community thinks about how you become a good progression guild. Many of the threads I have read through talk about the individual pieces of the group, where many people are keen to write posts and make comments on how to be a good player.

But after seeing all the posts that detail rotations, class specs, various healing/DPS strategies, etc., there was only one piece of useful information I could find in regards to being a good raider no matter your role:

Be a contributor.

How does one exactly do this? Just so you guys have a little bit of a background check on me, I raid with a guild currently on Begeren Colony. We are a solid 8 man group, where most of us are heavily min maxed with fully purple augmented top tier gear (78s).

How we do progression is quite honestly something I dare say is, inefficient. Our group will spend two nights a week, bashing our heads against one particular boss from 6:30 PM PST to 9:30 PM PST, and we won't down a boss until we know every single little in and out of their mechanics. It took us one week to down Nefra in HM, three weeks for Gate Commander Draxus, another two weeks for Grob'thok, and we have spent 3 weeks on Corruptor Zero without getting him below 75%.

So what exactly is our problem there? I have been watching raid clear videos, trying to understand how these top end progression raid groups clear this content. And one bit of evidence I noted, was that the members rarely used voice chat. Most of the run is silent, with only the essential mechanics being called out.

With this evidence in mind, I talked to the GM of the guild and came up with a possible exercise to capitalize on this weakness: running an operation that is difficult in mechanics, yet not strenuous in regards to DPS/healing/damage medigation without the use of our Mumble chat. With the perfect setup in mind, we took our progression group into EC NiM and began to run the mechanics for each boss.

It took us three hours, to down Firebrand and Stormcaller after repeatedly wiping over and over again on them. We spent four wipes on Zorn and Toth due to DPS dying from Fearful, and even some people forgetting to pop medpacs at the beginning of the fight.

Which clearly put, the problem there is raid awareness. Which despite the lack of any comment beyond "don't stand in stupid, call things out", I rarely see anyone discussing either. It's been about three weeks since we've tried that op, and since then, I haven't seen any improvement. Even a sharp decline as a matter of fact, in raid capability.

So how do you train people to be more raid aware? How do you form a tight knit progression team that can clear content without having to spend months on a single boss in the raid? What are your own secrets as to how to be a great raider?

I would appreciate any response, thank you!