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I just quote the Emperor:

"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...muwhahahahhahahaha!"
I use that line all the time; gets me a lot of funny stares

In all seriousness, this game has been a bit of a life saver for me. I've gone through a couple of bouts of moderate depression over the past few years and am prone to anxiety attacks, and playing this game has at times just washed away all feelings of anxiety and dread and depression and everything else that plagues my mind. There is something about losing yourself in this game and focusing on nothing but clearing missions and leveling or focusing on a fp or op or just throwing snowballs at random passers-by or killing zillions of low level mobs or hunting datacrons trying to get an achievement that makes all your real-world problems, real or perceived, simply disappear even if for a little while.

As a Star Wars fanatic, having immersed myself in the movies and comics and now my beloved audio books (Drew Karpyshyn & ( Marc Thompson | Jonathan Davis ) = win) -- comics are the limit of my ability to read due to above listed mental issues coupled with having a hard time staring for extended periods at pages of text -- swtor has been the perfect escape for me. I made the mistake of taking a break last year around June/July after some in-game interpersonal issues and came back in January 2013 this year when I reached the end of my mental/emotional tether and it completely melted away all my problems. I can't even describe not only how much I love this game from a content perspective but how much it means to me on a personal level, as playing it really has helped me in a deep, personally meaningful way. <3 <3 <3
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