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It was my husband who leaned over my shoulder one day, as I was playing Dragon Age, who said, "You know, Bioware is coming out with an MMO. You should check out their webpage, see if you might like it." There are times he laughs at me, when he watches me leveling some new character in SWTOR. He says, "At least I know what to buy you whenever there's a new holiday ..." My office at work is now splattered with Star Wars stuff.

Seriously, I've only ever taken a couple of real "breaks" from SWTOR, since the Beta, in fact. One was for the release of Mass Effect 3, which saw me back playing Star Wars after I beat the game over a week's time. And I do plan on taking another break when the next Dragon Age is released. I've got plans for my Inquisitor, fingers crossed.

I only ever explored one other MMO, which won my attention for just shy of a month. Then I came running back. That particular game lacked any sense of real end-game, and I couldn't really get into it. I've been told they've improved some of the game mechanics but I'm truly not interested at this point. Mostly because I'm still having a blast, here.

I've leveled each one of the classes, so that I can safely participate in the "which is the best" threads here on the forums, lol. I definitely have my favorites, whether it's story or combat or simple mechanics. I have some characters I keep only because they're crafters. I've got others I adore so much I started writing their Legacy story down. Oh, and I'm a screenpic addict. Hey, the game's gorgeous, I think.

I just love SWTOR, honestly. I appreciate all the work that's gone into making it, improving it, expanding on it. I have my hopes for the days ahead, like any other player. But I'm pleased with what's come so far and look forward to the next anniversary message from you guys.

Thanks so much for all you do!
Reminds me of my girlfriend who used to tease me about being a nerd and for liking Star Wars and MMO's. Now she plays more than I do, and she wanted the Star Wars Saga set on Blu-Ray this year for Christmas. Isn't love grand? I keep telling her when she says "I can't believe you turned me into a star wars fan!"

I just quote the Emperor:

"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...muwhahahahhahahaha!"

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